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About Us

"Through play we aspire to help each child to reach their full potential socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically".


School Philosophy


At Learn and Play Preschool, we help develop Kindergarten readiness skills in fun and creative ways through the use of games, stories, rhymes and music. We use the fun family phonics program to teach letter recognition and letter sounds. Mr. I's Fun and Facts CD's are used to teach geography and learn about places all around the world. Learning is fun at Learn and Play Preschool!


There are both free play opportunities and directed learning activities set up for the children each day. We believe that through play, children learn what no one can teach them.  Play is not just a pleasurable activity for children when they are not actively learning.  Play is a child's major way of learning, a leading activity that determines a child's development . Play is the natural language of children.  Play Is A Child's Work. At “Learn and Play Preschool” we allow children to explore their world in a fun and stimulating environment.​


School Features
Upcoming Events:
  - 26.1.2024

Mr. I Music
Our visit from Mr. I from Place des Arts is a musical extravaganza. It is an introduction to the Musical Rainbow program taught by Mr. I (Yurgen Ilaender).

An active and enjoyable program

Caring and enthusiastic teachers

Clean, spacious, and well-lit facility

Variety of creative experiences with art

Vibrant music program

Variety of age-appropriate activities

Monthly theme related and seasonal field trips

Complete *housekeeping* centre

Library Corner for children & parents

Building and block centre

Water &/or grain table

Play-dough Table

Paint Easel

Fisher Price people centre

Writing, Drawing and Cutting centre

Train tracks, Marble Works, Lego, and many other table toys

Puzzles and Educational games

Science center to develop young minds

School bunny for children's enjoyment

Tricycles and tricycle track for outside play

Use of outdoor playground equipment & sandbox.

Open door policy

Seasonal parties celebrated.

Water, sand, outdoor play.

Science & math concepts, appreciation of natural world.

Dress-up, dramatic play.

Social skills, creativity, imagination, & self-expression

Listening, talking, reading, writing.

Language & literacy skills.

Art, music, literature, dance.

Art appreciation, creative expression, physical coordination.

Puzzles, blocks, brio, lego, marble works.

Science & math concepts; eye-hand coordination,

spatial awareness; problem solving

Games & sports.

Physical skills, analytical thinking & cooperation.

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