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Preschool begins the first Tuesday after the Labor Day long weekend in September, and continues until the last week in June, coinciding with the Coquitlam public school year holidays.  During the first day of school on Tuesday and Wednesday the parents are welcome to stay if they wish. The preschool will close for two weeks over the Christmas holidays in December and two weeks during spring break in March, both coinciding  with the public school holidays. 

Preschool Classes










Tuesday / Thursday

9:00am - 12:00pm

3's Tadpoles Morning:

$180.00 per month

4's Frogs Morning:

$210.00 per month


9:00am - 12:00pm

Monday - Friday


5 Days a week:

$380.00 per month

Preschool Schedule

-Art Activity: Related to the theme or season. Baking or cooking activity - once a month in this time.

-Free Play Time:  The children will have an opportunity to explore all of the centres: Play-dough table, paint easels, Fisher Price toys, dramatic play & dress up centre, blocks and building centre, writing centre, educational games, science centre, water &/or sand table, book corner, puzzles.


-Clean Up Time


-Bathroom Break & Hand Washing


-Snack Time


-Circle Time: Music and Circle games, Calendar, Weather, Show and Tell, Theme-related learning activities.

-Story Time: Related to the theme of study.


-Outside Play Time:  Ride bikes, play with balls & outdoor play equipment, play in sandbox, draw with chalk, organized group games. Or on rainy days       

-Music Time:  Circle games, singing, guitar & instruments


-Home Time

Field Trips

Our goal is to have one field trip each month of the school year, for all the preschool classes.  Most of our fieldtrips will be related to the themes that we will be studying each month, and will be used as a final activity to tie up the unit that we have been studying. 


We will require 3-5 parents to drive and supervise on each of our school field trips throughout the year.  We hope that all the parents will have an opportunity to accompany their child on a school field trip at least twice in the school year. Of course all parents are welcome to attend any or all field trips if they wish.


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